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About GreenTech Environmental

GreenTech Environmental’s commercial/industrial business specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of unique, specialized solutions for large-scale applications. By utilizing advanced air, water, and power technologies, we have offered a diverse assortment of ODM/OEM products and parts directly from our facility in Johnson City, Tennessee for over 10 years.

The company’s primary expertise is in applications of air purification and power treatment (surge protection and noise filtration) technologies. The engineering and design group has successfully created and produced ODM self-contained products for multiple industries and commercial needs, both large and small scale. GTE Commercial has also created a range of parts in use in customer’s products sold into broad distribution as well as smaller custom applications. Private labeled products, OEM, using Greentech Environmental’s core technologies are available for a wide array of consumer product needs.  

GTE Commercial prides itself on our ability to listen and collaborate through direct personal interaction with customers. Our people will give you a straight answer if we are not the best solution for you.  

Reach out, we are here for you. Tell us what you need. Contact us for more information.

Nursing homes
Doctor’s offices
Veterinarian Offices
Dental Offices
Animal Shelters
Cruise Ships
Corporate Office Buildings
Governmental Buildings
Emergency Responder Vehicles
Fitness centers
Grow Houses
Food Processing
Perishable Transportation
HVAC & In-Duct Systems
Custom Solutions

About Demogrup

Demo Foreign Trade. And as Paz, A.Ş, we have been serving on cleaning, hygiene and other healthy life technologies since 1988.
Today, almost 90% of many families and individuals in the world live indoors.

Serious health problems are increasing day by day, especially in areas where there is not enough fresh air intake, electronic devices, paint and flooring materials used cause extra pollution.

The air we breathe in indoors and the surfaces we are in contact with are of a size that seriously endangers our health. Millions of mites, bacteria, viruses and microbes live on the surfaces we sit, lie on, walk on and touch constantly.

We may be immune to some of them. However, considering the ever-increasing respiratory diseases and new viruses and other micro-organisms that threaten the whole world health, it is a fact that we seriously need alternative measures in this regard.

Cigarette smoke, other smoke and odors disturb us all and threaten our health.

Detergents and their derivatives continue to be one of the biggest threats to human health and the environment.

It is a sad fact that the problems arising from the transportation and storage properties of the water we drink, and especially the pollution in the atmosphere, acid rain, decrease in minerals in the soil, etc.

Our product portfolio consists of products that are not offered for sale on the shelves and have no alternative and provide solutions for healthy living.

State institutions, Turkish Armed Forces, reputable private sector companies and thousands of housing companies have been using our housing products for years and benefit from our after sales services.

Turkey we have Representative and distributor Greentech Environmental VOL to-ECOQUEST Air Quality Systems, ORECK washable filter air cleaning machines, LAUNDRY PURE Deterjansız- Unplasticized washing systems, Purelight UV Sterilizer and air cleaning machines, ROBBY-MONTISS steam cleaning systems, ALKAMINERAL alkaline water ioniser for With ACTIVTEK Central Ventilation equipment, RADICALWATERS Electrochemical activated SU Systems and EFX with Patented Hologram Technology and other product varieties, we offer unique and practical solutions in the environments where our customers spend their lives.

Our mission is to provide new product varieties that make your life healthier and easier and to increase the quality of our sales and after-sales services in order to provide better service to our valued customers.

With wishes for a healthy life .....