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What maintenance is required?

pureAir products are very durable and last many years with proper maintenance. Each of our pureAir products has different maintenance requirements which can be found in your Owner’s Manual. Unlike traditional HEPA air filters, pureAir products do not require frequent filter replacement. Instead, pureAir products use ACTIVE air purification produced through either a bulb or an electrical charge. This means that the purifiers are more effective and easier to maintain. The filters that are used in some of our air purifiers are simply used to keep the inside of the air purifier clean. We recommend cleaning your purifier once per month to extend the life of the product. Air purifiers that are not properly cleaned will not last as long as those that are. The parts that are required to be replaced can be found in the ‘Related Products’ of each product page. If you need assistance in maintaining your purifier, you can speak with one of our friendly product experts by reaching out to us through our Contact Us page.

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What maintenance is required?

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