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Why do I smell an odor coming from the air purifier?

pureAir purifiers are different than traditional air filters that simply filter large particles from the air. pureAir uses active air purification technology that propels from within the purifier into your space, killing bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses, allergens, VOCs, and other indoor air pollution. This means that you might detect a faint odor that resembles chlorine or bleach coming from the purifier. This odor will not harm you and is 100% safe. However, some people do not prefer the smell. pureAir purifiers are most effective when there are absolutely no odors in your space, whether those odors come from pollutants or from the purifier. We recommend adjusting your settings to create an environment that does not have any odors at all. If you can smell the purification, the settings can be turned down. If you smell pollutants, the settings should be turned up.

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